Dishwasher vs Kitchen Sink Faucet

doing dishesA typical dishwasher consumes 10 liters of water for 12 place settings which are little bad for the environment. Are we able to do better?

Most definitely, if you are most of the time alone at home. But for a family with children, the dishwasher is both economical and almost indispensable.

But there are other ecological considerations in the dishwasher. All work with salt to soften the water and avoid scaling, and also with rinse products. The composition of these is rarely known. One thing is certain though, minute traces of these products remain on the clean dishes. The attention paid by dishwasher manufacturers to water saving is likely to increase this. There again no study on the subject, just common sense considerations.

We do not enter into the details of the other ecological considerations, including the impact of these chemicals on the environment when they are discharged into the sewer, the comparative energy balance between dishwashers and hand washing, and finally the Lifecycle of the dishwasher from its purchase to its end-of-life treatment. This article is not meant to denigrate the dishwasher, just to avoid using it when it is possible and beneficial to do otherwise.

Doing the dishes by hand

– Washing the dishes under running water from the best quality kitchen faucet that you can afford will consume up to 50 liters of water! Just like with brushing teeth, consider cutting off the water when you scrub. This may seem obvious, but in practice, you will notice that you do not do it, especially if you only have a simple mixer type tap.

– The most efficient technique to save water is to use two tanks, one for washing and one for rinsing. For a small dish, it may not be necessary to fill it, but to pass a little water on each element. The result, the most gifted in the matter consume only 5 to 6 liters for 4 covers.

– How to proceed? You can initially soak your dishes a few minutes in your wash tank. Then, after scrubbing to remove the most resistant residues, use your second basin for rinsing. Cold water can do the trick. Think of changing the water when it starts to foam.

– Wash the utensils as soon as you can when you cook. A pan in which one has just made a sauce is very easily washed with a little hot water. But once cooled and dried, it takes much more water, elbow grease and time.

– The use of hot water is not obligatory for the least fat parts. Because, like dishwashers, the energy used to wash dishes comes mainly from the use of hot water.


Closer Look at Garbage Disposal Units

There are a TON of different garbage disposals on the market today, but the question remains, what is the best garbage disposal?

The Insinkerator Evolution Graphite, is the fastest kitchen crusher, with a blade speed of up to 4,000 rpm. It can grind virtually any food waste, including hard objects like bones and fruits and vegetables that are difficult to grind.

A trash crusher is a household appliance that first crushes the trash to facilitate disposal.

There are domestic and industrial models for catering. In this case, the Insinkerator Evolution line is a very reputable and highly rated product.

This appliance is installed in the sink and crushes organic waste (food waste) with an electric motor and drains it by the tap. The rest of the non-organic waste (plastics and paperboard) must be treated by inorganic waste compactors or carried to the garbage manually.

Among the many benefits of installing a crusher, there is no need to take out the trash daily. It is also very convenient because the lack of waste protects us from odors, pests of insects and rodents. It requires less use of the garbage collection system, which is an economic benefit for communities and municipalities and removes up to 50% of the total residue. In addition, it helps the effective separation of waste for composting.

-Evolution technology has a compact space-saving design
-Maximized silence technology
-Two-phase shredding for finer result
-Built-in switch (in polished chrome or satin steel) for easy installation and utility.
-A large crushing chamber (1200 ml) and superior stainless steel crushing elements can handle even more debris
-Cover control with grille
Autoreverse function for longer product life and performance

Overall there are so many different features of the Evolution line that it remains one of the top options. However, if you want something else then read some of the best garbage disposal reviews to compare other options.

The next best option would have to be the Waste King line. They offer an excellent warranty and have great customer service.

We are confident that if you follow our guidelines that you will be able to get a good product for your kitchen needs.