As soon as you arrive, observe the behavior of people in the street: the direction of the walk, their way of crossing the road, their behavior in the sacred places, in the shops, etc. You will be able to adjust your lifestyle and blend in with the decor. A tourist respectful of the practices of the country he visits is a good tourist!

Get up early!

Tranquility belongs to those who get up early! If you prefer to make your visits in peace, get up as soon as possible and go to the tourist spots from the opening time. You will avoid the flow of tourists polluting your holiday photos. This will also help you avoid hot weather, which in the daytime can be very unpleasant.

Don’t Litter

It will often be difficult to find a trash can. We recommend that you keep a plastic bag in your backpack so you do not throw your garbage in nature or on the street. As long as you do, be an eco-responsible traveler!

The toilets

To avoid having a bad surprise in the bathroom, again, be careful: always keep a pack of tissues on you and throw it in your personal bin once used. The practice of “jet” is common in many Asian countries: the toilets have neither flush nor toilet paper. To evacuate the bowl, you will need to fill a bucket with water and swing it strategically. To wipe, you will have to use the jet of water available and … your hand. This is where the pack of tissues finds its usefulness, provided it does not throw it into the pipes which, often, are not adapted. Yes, an adventure trips to Asia!

Resources: Asian Sexpats

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